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SeaGlide® is a miniature autonomous underwater glider.  SeaGlide® was developed by engineers at NSWC Carderock Division to support the Navy’s STEM outreach activities, and to advance the future workforce in robotics. To help facilitate these efforts and to grow SeaGlide® into an educational program, the Navy partnered with RoboNation, AUVSI Foundation’s robotics community.

What is SeaGlide?

SeaGlide® is a kit and part of a hands-on engineering program designed to introduce students to autonomous systems.  While the program is optimized for high school students, it is adaptable for all ages from elementary and middle school to post-secondary. During a SeaGlide® build, students learn how to program an arduino controller to regulate the buoyancy engine of the glider. 

Unlimited Potential

Building a SeaGlide teaches autonomous vehicle basics, but the real fun begins after. Students become inventors - scientists that solve challenges faced by oceanographers, astronauts and explorers. With SeaGlide as an investigative platform, the benefits are endless.  

SeaGlide Builds Careers

Additionally, students are exposed to real-world competences that engineers need to perform their job. They learn how to trouble shoot the glider, collaborate and work closely with team members, and key STEM skills that will help them pave the way as they advance in their robotic studies.

By partnering with schools, engineering experts and STEM specialists, RoboNation is taking SeaGlide® to the next level.  Students are exposed to more content, more relevant engineering, challenged more to innovate and create experiences to advance their love for robotics. SeaGlide is the ideal program for students to start a successful career.


SeaGlide® is one of many programs offered by the RoboNation. To learn more, contact