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I had a wonderful experience at RoboSub! I got to network with members of other teams and with sponsors of the event. The environment was very collaborative; all the teams were willing to offer advice or discuss ideas to improve our vehicle. I think this is what makes RoboSub really appealing. We are all competing, but at the same time we are trying to learn as much as we can and to share that knowledge with others.

Grace Westerman, Student
RoboSub 2017
Texas A&M University

I’ve volunteered at a wide range of educational events in the past but I’ve never been a part of something that was so inspiring – watching these amazingly capable students work together and show what their robots can do.  If these students are representative of their generation, we’re in very good hands.

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The SeaGlide program is a perfect "next step" for teachers who have done SeaPerch or MATE with their students and are looking for an even more challenging authentic engineering project. Through the SeaGlide program students are introduced to the Arduino micro controller and are able to hone their programming skills as they adjust the glide rate of their glider. This hands-on experience with micro controllers gives students confidence in tackling a wide array of other engineering projects.

First, thank you again for the gift of learning you provided for my students. They are still talking about the experience, and last week connected the concept of fish swim bladders to the buoyancy concepts we learned.  How wonderful to see a student typically not interested in academics, and so excited by this project that he asks first thing in the day, "Do we have Science today?"

On behalf of my students, thank you for giving us the privilege of participation at the elementary level.

SeaPerch Educator Educator